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Motherhood feels different for everyone. 

  • Are you worried that you're just not doing things right?
  • Is being a mom different than you expected?
  • Are you feeling excited and happy one minute and exhausted or anxious the next?
  • Have important relationships and friendships changed since having a baby?
  • Are you feeling cooped up, lonely or isolated as a new mom?

Joining a moms group is one place where you can be real. Whether your baby is colicky or you are frazzled and unshowered, you will find acceptance and camaraderie here. Connecting with other moms going through the same life experience can be a life saver, easing feelings of isolation and doubt. Having support with a newborn is crucial. And you will find being in a moms group might be the highlight of your week!

Bay Babies offers six-week support groups for new moms that provide a nurturing, relaxed space to share parenting experiences, gather valuable resources and ask the many questions that arise with a newborn. Groups are facilitated by professionals who are also East Bay moms. In our cozy, baby-friendly setting, you will be able to talk honestly about the ways you are struggling and the things you are grateful for. Not only will you be getting out of the house, you will find peace of mind, build confidence in your skills as a mom and make meaningful, lasting friendships.


Becoming a new mom brings a range of emotions from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. Navigating the transition to motherhood can be challenging. But it's much easier when you are doing it with others! It can be so helpful to know you are not alone. The unique relationships you develop among mothers often continue on as your children grow turning into playgroups and a supportive community.


We discuss a variety of topics in our groups. You will be able to ask those embarrassing questions and share the ups and downs of motherhood. Topics usually include:

  • birth and adoption stories
  • emotions and expectations of becoming a new mom
  • infant sleep issues and managing sleep deprivation
  • breastfeeding and bottle feeding concerns
  • the postpartum body
  • changes in intimacy, sex and partnerships
  • transitioning to work, being a stay-at-home mom, and
    work/life balance

We also encourage moms to plan an additional, unfacilitated outing such as a stroller-friendly hike each each week. This experience is a great way to get to know the other moms in a less structured way and gain confidence being out in the world with your new baby. Having an activity planned for the day can be enormously helpful for your well-being and breaking up the routine of baby care! 


Bay Babies groups will help you get up-to date baby and parenting information. Receive peer and professional advice. Share local, baby-friendly establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, story times and movie theaters. Get postpartum resources such as yoga studios, breastfeeding support and infant massage and CPR. 




Ann Martin Center
1375 55th St.
Emeryville, CA 94608



Parking is convenient. There is a free parking lot across the street from Ann Martin Center.


Current groups held
on Tuesdays



Please get in touch if you have any questions. Call 510-292-4736. We are here to help you find the support you need!



Stacy and Stephanie met in an Oakland Mexican restaurant in 2001 when the server mixed up their orders. What began as a conversation about similar jobs and life paths over chips and salsa, led to a friendship. Not long after, their journey to motherhood started just months apart in 2002. With the births of their two boys, they each separately joined a local first-time moms group run by Sherri Reinhardt. They found that with Sherri's skilled and caring facilitation, they began to feel more confident as first time moms. She encouraged them to trust their internal wisdom and they found there was no one "right" way to mother. Within the safety of the group, they could be real about the vulnerabilities of becoming a mom without feeling judged. They felt the comfort of a whole community of women going through the same life-changing transition. The groups became instrumental in helping them navigate the ups and downs of life with a newborn. They looked forward to swapping stories about trying to function on little sleep, the merits of nursing pads or how to shower when the baby wouldn't stop crying. They also both depended on the weekly outing to get them out of the house and practice taking their baby boys into the world. Stacy and Stephanie developed meaningful, life-long friendships in these circles of mothers and babies. In the early weeks of learning to parent and stepping into the new role of "mommy", these gatherings fundamentally shaped their experiences and changed them for the better. Sadly, Sherri passed away from cancer several years ago. But in the years since, they always talked about wanting to recreate their experience for others. The gift of those groups inspired their passionate desire to bring the same sense of community and compassionate support to other new moms and their babies.



Stacy is the proud mother of two children and deeply understands the extraordinary challenges and rewards of modern parenting. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in the Rockridge District in Oakland with more than a decade of clinical experience. In addition, she is certified in the treatment of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders by Postpartum Support International.

Stacy specializes in helping moms adapt to the demands and complexities of family life. She believes that all moms are uniquely courageous, resourceful and intuitive and thrive when they have supportive places where they can be mothered and listened to. Her areas of expertise include treating postpartum depression and anxiety, infertility stress and birth trauma, life transitions and change, relationship or marital discord and self-esteem and identity issues. She brings a high level of compassion to her work with moms which was inspired by her own experience with a high-risk pregnancy and delivery, hospital bed rest and a stint in the NICU. She is dedicated to helping moms through the transformative time of having a baby and expanding the dialogue about the joys and realities of motherhood.


Stephanie Marshburn

Stephanie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in early childhood development. For the past 4 years she has been a Clinical Supervisor at East Bay Agency for Children.  She currently works with their North County School Based team and prior to that she led the Clinical Team at the Therapeutic Nursery School.  She has over 18 years’ experience working with children and families in the mental health field.

Stephanie’s expertise includes; working with families who need help navigating difficult parenting issues, childhood and adult depression and anxiety, at risk youth, and child trauma.  She is trained in filial therapy and focuses on child-centered therapy with her families. She is a mom of two and now with a teenager has discovered a whole new set of parenting challenges. Additionally, having one of her children born 7 weeks premature she recognizes the unique challenges for parents who can't bring their baby home from the hospital. Appreciating the bumpy road many parents travel to conceive, deliver, adopt, and care for their newborn she has embraced her passion to support moms through this exciting process. Stephanie brings tremendous empathy, warmth and enthusiasm to her work and is thrilled to be providing support at such an important time in a new mother's life.


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Ann Martin Center
1375 55th Street
Emeryville, CA 94608